Theatre Development Consultation

The public consultation is now closed but do take a look at the proposed plans which can be viewed and downloaded at the below link.

View the plans here

For the last three years, we have been planning a significant redevelopment of our theatre, based in its heritage building, which will serve the whole of Cornwall as an economic driver and cultural venue. 
You can view and download the proposed development plans here .

If you are having difficultly downloading the plans then please email who will be happy to supply you with the file over email.

Whilst the plans are still in the design phase pending funding, we aim to submit a planning and listed building application following this consultation. Our ambition is that the project will elevate HFC to a venue that will become the organisation of choice for producers and practitioners who wish to showcase excellent work in Cornwall and the South West. It will also improve HFC's sustainability and resilience, thereby securing its long term future and achieving its artistic vision to be a primary cultural driver for Cornwall.