Key Benefits

We believe Cornwall deseves access to the best performance and cultutal opportunities to rival that of any city. Our vision is to become a significant leader in the staging and production of performing arts, alongside being a catalyst for the next generation of theatre goers and creators. We want our artistic programme to be seen by over 300,000 people per annum, give 50,000 more young people the chance to shine on and off stage and drive prosperity for our city, through creating a new type of open theatre where all are welcome. To achieve this, and to assure our longer-term sustainability and growth, we need a builing at our heart where we can beat our drum louder and extend our reach further,

Our redevelopment will help us run a more sustainable business and increase income and audience potential, helping us to secure our long-term future & reinvest back into the building, young people, programme & training.

Key benefits will include;

  • Securing the building's long-term future through increased resilience with a business model allowing us to reinvest in young people programming, maintenance, training and development.
  • Focus on the advancement of education and building confidence in the next generation with an aim of giving every young person in Cornwall opportunity to access the power and positivity the arts,
  • Improved working conditions for artists, residents and visiting companies.
  • A new commitment to supporting the organisation's Resident Companies and creating a generation of new practitioners and artists using the new building.
  • Redesign of auditorium with improved sightlines, acoustics and ability to create more intimate atmosphere.
  • Increased seating capacity bringing higher quality shows.
  • Improved audience welcome and satisfaction through better cafes & bars, more comfortable auditorium, improved orientation.
  • Improved access facilities including backstage and a Space to Change facility.
  • Conserve, restore and promote building’s heritage & ability to tell its story.
  • Improved visitor, tourism & heritage destination to support the local economy and social economic regenration of Truro.
  • Significant contribution to the development of Cornwall’s Cultural Tourism offer.
  • Improve operational and sustainable efficiencies with improved environmental impact.