About Us_

This is who we are.

Knowing why we’re here helps us do what we do better. That’s what our vision and values are all about.

Why do we exist? 
We’re here for Cornwall’s audiences to discover all that the arts can be. From ‘I’ve never seen anything like it,’ to ‘I’ve had the time of my life,’ to ‘I feel a little bit braver now,’ we’ll always innovate, entertain, excite and connect, across our diverse music, theatre, community, dance and digital platforms.

What do we do?
We bring great shows to Cornwall. We make great work. We do it all independently. 
We bolster schools and communities with projects that let people feel the power of performance. We’re for innovating not imitating, strengthening support for artists and practitioners who are creating original work and offering footholds for the next generation of talent to get their unique perspective out to the wider world. We house creative businesses forging the industries future. And we’re constantly amazed by what our audiences, collaborators, participants and teams make possible.

How do we do it?
With passion, empathy, grit and gusto we:
•    Give our customers stand-out experiences every time they connect with us.
•    Share our restless curiosity for new ideas that could make us even better.
•    Touch the lives of everyone in Cornwall and share our love of entertainment in all its forms.