Our Walls Can Talk: Revealing City Hall

Exploring. Celebrating. Inspiring. Transforming. Our building is so much more than bricks and mortar. Thanks to the people who have shaped it, it has truly lived a life…

The beating heart of Cornwall for over 175 years, we call Truro’s old City Hall our home. Built back in 1847, the building is Grade II* listed and full of secrets waiting to be shared.  In 2018 we won a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant to do just that. So come with us and discover what we’ve found - to read and see our full history, visit our microsite here.

We care about our building and its history. The Cornish have lived, loved and laughed within these walls for hundreds of years. That’s what makes this place so important. Revealing City Hall invites you to be part of the story through exploring the following three themes.

Seriously Entertaining

Are you more ‘Scaramouche, Scaramouche’ or Symphony 6 in B minor? It’s all been welcomed through these doors. Freddy Mercury’s first Queen gig. Morrissey’s pre-performance meat market antics (remember that?). Our much-loved Christmas show trilogy. The first time Rambert dance company wowed audiences on our stage. Musicians, comedians, storytellers and activists have all come here to feed our county’s appetite for entertainment. 

Across our programme over the last 20 years we’ve continued in that founding tradition of variety and quality, proud of the audience we’ve grown and the shows we’ve put on as a result.  We’re raring to get stuck in again and share what we’re planning with you; opening our doors in 2020 with a programme that lives up to our space and serves our community – today and tomorrow. 

Under the Clock

The minute hand on our clock has ticked more than 90 million times. It's seen huge changes in public life, playing different roles through the years – from hosting Cornwall’s Stannary parliament to offering a space for today’s city council and coroner’s court.  Discover how City Hall has shaped the struggles and triumphs of our county’s community.

Cattle to Creatives

City Hall has always been the engine of Truro’s civic, cultural and social life. Through its long and varied history, the building has hosted rifle ranges and roller rinks, inaugurations and inventions, even cattle shows and Winston Churchill. From the every day to the extraordinary, learn why events here have meant so much to so many. 



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