CINDERELLA – Hall for Cornwall, Truro.

Overall dates: 1/11/21 to 2/1/22
Rehearsals dates: 1/11/21 to 2/12/21
Performances: 1/12/21 to 2/1/22
Above minimum Equity company wage contract.

A homegrown retelling of the classic CINDERELLA story. Packed with all the traditional ingredients of laugh out loud comedy, spectacular dancing, live music and singing - not to mention a large sprinkling of Cornish heart and fairytale magic.

Cinderella will be the second co-production of Hall for Cornwall's in-house producing company, Cornwall Playhouse Productions.

Ashley - a girl with a heart of gold and the voice of an angel whose life is changed forever when she finds herself swept up as a masked contestant in the local, Rock and Rhythm Championships, sharing centre stage with a charming Prince. Will she find the courage to find her own voice? Will her true identity be unmasked? Is this her chance to escape from the humdrum of everyday life and transform from rags to riches?

The production is co-written by Simon Harvey and Richard Healey (Sleeping Beauty, Jack and the Beanstalk & Kernow King's A Cornish Carol), directed by Simon Harvey (HIRETH (o-region), FUP (o-region / Kneehigh), Brief Encounter on Tour / West End (David Pugh Ltd)) and with Musical Direction by Richard Healey (HIRETH (o-region), New Jersey Nights (MK Theatre & International Tour), Ordinary Days, (Finborough Theatre & West End, ALP).


A phenomenal singer and should have something that sets her apart (range/belt/tone). Our Cinderella who is a music-loving fan of The Prince of Rhythm. She dreams of a life in music but is too shy to let her talent shine through.  Likeable, approachable, relatable. 

Playing age:  20 – 30.

Tommy (Toggle)
A strong guitar or uke player and a strong singer. Ash's best friend & childhood music-making partner (think 'traditional' Buttons role). Tommy should have more of an 'indie' music feel, who during the show then grows into our romantic lead. Buttons gets the girl in the end!

Playing age: 20 to early 30’s.

The Prince of Rhythm (Alan ‘Ardup)
Strong singer, charismatic, needs to be a 'heart throb' in a Michael BublĂ©/Elvis/slightly cheesy way.  Ability to move/dance. Guitar playing would be an advantage but not essential. Alan 'Ardup is our Prince Charming and reigning two-time champion of the Rock & Rhythm Championships.

Playing age: Mid 20’s to mid 30’s

Baroness ‘Ardup
The 'Villain' role wrapped in smiles.... Stern social climber who puts on airs and graces.  Think Hyacinth Bouquet meets Margaret Thatcher via Sybil Fawlty.  Possibly with a touch of Shirley Ballas from Strictly, with Craig Revel Horwood's critiques. Singing not high priority.  Doesn't need to play an instrument. Movement skills would be useful. 

Playing age: 40’s upwards

Nana Grace Pumpkin
Needs to be a strong, versatile singer as she cameo's as various lead vocalists of rival acts.  The ability to sing lead vocals on some songs and backing on others. Ash's genial godmother - who plays whatever role is necessary - venue manager, box office, cloakroom, bar, cleaner, usher - as well as moonlighting on other jobs e.g. owner of Pumpkin Bikehire. She has status, wisdom and warmth.  She runs the show basically. 

Playing age: 50’s upwards

Platinum Pete Penhaligon
Needs to be a strong vocalist and potential instrumentalist.  Trumpet/Trombone and/or Sax. Charismatic, confident as he fronts a lot of the competition and has direct audience contact work. He doubles various characters including the Rock & Rhythm Championship compere.  Pete still has ambition and fire. 

Playing age: 40 to mid 50’s.

Antoin ‘Ardup/Vinyl Vik
Character actor - doesn't need to front a song but strong singing would be a bonus.  Likewise with instrumental skills (i.e. a bonus but not essential). Antoin - the Baroness's brow beaten/put upon meek husband who was once a great singer and now is demoted to co-judge and expected to agree with his scary wife on every decision.  Dennis to her Margaret. Vik Vinyl - a highly successful record producer who is the brains behind the Rock & Rhythm Championships.  A cliched big time record producer. What is essential is a very strong and charismatic actor.  Think the father in Strictly Ballroom for Antoin.  Then a total contrast for Viv.

Playing age: Mid 40’s upwards

Kimmy Quaver & Tina Treble
They both need to be good harmony singers.  Need to dance.  Need to be an instrumentalist - preferably bass, sax (es), keyboard or guitar (s). Both backing singers of 'The Two Dimensions' as well as doubling as various other competitors and assorted characters.

Playing age: Mid 20’s to 40


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