City Hall has been many things and undergone many transformations throughout its lifetime to remain at the heart of Truro’s civic, cultural and social life. The people and actions that have happened here have had local and global impact.

The highs and lows of every day life at City Hall: grand events and little moments take place every day in our building and all hold meaning for Truronians. Throughout its history City Hall has presented the mundane and momentous; from cattle shows, rifle ranges and roller rinks to, lectures, inventions and mayoral inaugurations. We’ve hosted talks by Winston Churchill and visits by royalty, Grand Bazaars, Wonder Ponies, Flea Markets and gas experiments gone wrong.

Cattle to Creatives considers the diverse range of uses of City Hall, and its progression from the original market place and council rooms for Truro through to its various incarnations and inception as Hall for Cornwall, and into its future of the new building, theatre and creative work hub. This strand also looks at the wider context of City Hall within its immediate surroundings of Back Quay, Lemon Quay and Boscawen street and its city-wide importance, and the global impacts and significance of Truronians, their trades and actions, from behind the walls of City Hall.


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