Welcome to Husa*

(*Cornish for charm/enchantment/create an illusion)

Cornwall’s artists and practitioners are forging ahead. Telling new stories, pushing boundaries, changing the game.  Husa’s here to keep the spark firing and light up unexplored paths, furnishing talents with the tools they need to see their dreams realised. 

Expert insight for rising talents. Surgeries for creative entrepreneurs. Work spaces for incubating and collaborating. Husa is our creative industries programme where great ideas are sown, then grown.

Boosting Brilliance

From theatre groups to solo creative forces, over the next five years we’ll be working closely with 70 creative companies and individuals, helping them to grow and succeed. From funding advice to practical workshops, we offer support in all forms for creative people from across the industry. On the ground and throughout the county we’re building up a powerhouse of resident companies and associate artists, designing development programmes that work for them and making sure talented artists thrive on home turf.

Making Connections

Sparking unexpected encounters, sharing hard won skills, thinking big. Inside our walls, we’re making room for new ideas to flourish. Husa hub is a dynamic and diverse co-working space, bringing together local and creative businesses, start-ups, artists, charities and social enterprises. Networking events, lunchtime lectures and TED talks mean the whole community can pitch in, keeping the conversation moving and set sights on Cornwall’s creative future.