Welcome to Husa*

(*Cornish for charm/enchantment/create an illusion)

Cornwall’s artists and practitioners are forging ahead. Telling new stories, pushing boundaries, changing the game.  Husa’s here to keep the spark firing and light up unexplored paths, furnishing talents with the tools they need to see their dreams realised. 

Husa is our creative industries programme where great ideas are sown, then grown.

Boosting Brilliance

From theatre groups to solo creative forces, over the next five years we’ll be working closely with creative companies and individuals, helping them to grow and succeed. From funding advice to practical workshops, we offer support in all forms for creative people from across the industry. On the ground and throughout the county we’re building up a powerhouse of resident companies and associate artists, designing development programmes that work for them and making sure talented artists thrive on home turf.

Associate Artists 2020 – 2023

Emily Alden - Emily is a dancer & choreographer who works across dance & theatre, live & digital formats & communities. Current work: 'In My Head' a studio dance work about Emily's experience of hearing loss.

Carleen Anderson - An American soul singer, Carleen is known for her solo work as well as for being the lead singer of the Young Disciples. Current work: 'Melior' an underwater, aquatic opera, with significant digital innovation.

Agnieszka Blonska -  A Polish theatre director and deviser, Aga is also a lecturer in Theatre at Falmouth University. Current works: Polish Vermin & Mefisto.

Theo Clinkard - A Cornish choreographer, now based in West Yorkshire, Theo has built an international reach and reputation for his work. Current works: Century Project & Understory.

Jethro Compton - Jethro is a Cornish Writer, Director & Producer, currently living and working in Vienna. Current work: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Callum Mitchell - Callum is a Cornish Writer, artist, filmmaker and poet. Current work: Gorthwedh, a 16mm film poem about the Tin Coast.

Cheap Date Artistic Director: Grace Murdoch - Grace is a dancer, choreographer and educationalist. A graduate of Falmouth University, Grace has made several professional works with Cheap Date and also a considerable amount of work for young people. Current work: Stairs & Me but Bigger Digital.

Cscape Artistic Director: Sally Knight - Cscape blends imaginative physical theatre with energetic choreography, from beaches to mines, harbours to gardens, rural to midscale theatre venues. Current work: The Imaginarium for early years audiences.

Dance Centred Artistic Directors: Lois Taylor & Sam Lawrence -  Community dance projects, inspiring imagination and sharing their love of dance. Current work: Breathing Space, Physical Postcards.

o-region Artistic Director: Simon Harvey - A theatre and film production company which specialises in producing small & mid-scale theatre and micro budget films.  Passionate about new writing and telling contemporary, human stories which are often rooted in Cornwall. Current work: Long Way Back (film) & The White Horse of Zennor (Theatre).

‘Owdyado Theatre Artistic Directors: Charlotte Bister & Dan Richards - New writing theatre company, thought provoking, plot twisters. Current work: Twisted Tales 2, Twisted Tales Audio.

Prodigal UPG Artistic Directors: Miranda Henderson & Alister O’Loughlin - Physical Theatre & Performance Parkour, developing a new space in Par. Current work: The Fight & Zoo Humans, Emergent Ensemble.

Scary Little Girls Artistic Director: Rebecca Mordan - An artist led, feminist theatre production company. Current work: Greenham Women Everywhere, Greenham Women Digital, Salon de la Vie.

Trifle Gathering Artistic Directors: Kyla Goodey, Sally Crooks, Hannah Stephens - Comedy theatre, street theatre, and immersive theatrical experiences. Current work: Endless featuring ND:less, Guns & Rosies Tattoo Parlour, Homesgrown.

Application Process

If you are interested in becoming an Associate Artist, get to know us through our artist development programme, we'd love to find out more.


Making Connections

Sparking unexpected encounters, sharing hard won skills, thinking big. Inside our walls, we’re making room for new ideas to flourish. Husa hub is a dynamic and diverse co-working space, bringing together local and creative businesses, start-ups, artists, charities and social enterprises. Networking events, lunchtime lectures and TED talks mean the whole community can pitch in, keeping the conversation moving and set sights on Cornwall’s creative future.