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Rebecca Mordan founded Scary Little Girls in 2002 after graduating from Bristol Old Vic & working in film, theatre & TV. Her commitment and passion for storytelling and its ability to support and incite social action is borne out by the variety of work she makes happen on a national scale. 

Rebecca is an outstanding communicator, a weaver of webs, a one woman powerhouse connecting artists across the UK to collaborate in storytelling. She is supported by a range of pro-active producers & practitioners who are proud to call themselves scary!   

In taking SLG from strength to strength, Rebecca has developed a personal CV that includes writing (Dracula & The Full Bronte for national touring; Before I Wake, for The Minack, 2018), directing (In the Footsteps of the Mitford’s, Theatre Chipping Norton; A Very Peculiar Theatre & Women & War, Being Human Festival; The Emperor's Lost Gems, Nutkhut), producing (The Ladies Cage, Manchester Royal Exchange Studio; The Riot Showgrrrls Club, Gilded Balloon & national tour) & performing (a lot, everywhere!). She has been an activist working against war (CND National Elect Committee; Stop the War) & male violence (London Reclaim The Night; Feminism in London) since her childhood at Greenham Common. Rebecca is also a regular talking head for feminism, politics & the arts on BBC radio & Sky News. 

Scary Little Girls has become an imaginative, fleet-footed feminist production hub exploring the relationship between art and activism. They tell unheard stories to new, wider and increasingly diverse audiences with creative teams to match. SLG’s work is rich in social action, innovation, joy de vivre… & sequins! 

The company does not define itself through producing one type or genre of art or working with only a small, exclusive pool of actors and theatre practitioners, instead they seek out visionaries in many fields of art and artists of all ages, backgrounds and interests, matching the medium of the work to the stories they want to tell and the communities they want to tell them to.  

Scary Little Girls actively promote female professionals in the arts and challenge what size, shape, age, colour or class women should be to be visible and for their work to be validated. 

A significant body of work has been created over the past few years relating to the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp, which has led to the development of a new company, purely dedicated to the importance of this work.  

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Scary Little Girls
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