Local Heroes - Seat Nomination Winners Angie Emrys-Jones & Sandy Lawrence

It's time to reveal another of our winners in the Local Heroes Name a Seat nominations! Today we have a dynamic double act for you. These ladies have made a huge impact on the lives of many in Cornwall and couldn't be any more deserving of this special recognition. Please give your well deserved congratulations to....

ANGIE EMRYS-JONES & SANDY LAWRENCE of CAAP UK (Cornwall Accessible Activities Program)

Back in 2013 funding was cut for a project that supported disabled children to access school holiday activities. As the manager of that project and also the parent of a disabled child Sandy knew the impact this would have on the families so together with Angie, who is also parenting a disabled child, they set up CAAP. Initially it was just a few families getting together but since then it has grown into a group of over 700 families. 

In 2016 Cornwall Accessible Activities Program became a registered charity and in 2018  a new project began giving opportunity to the young people of CAAP to get work experience. CAAP support siblings, parent carers, disabled children and young people from birth to age 25.

On every week day of every school holiday the charity arranges activities for families so that when those children go back to school or college they can hold their heads high and tell their friends what a great holiday they have had.

Sandy tells us that one of their greatest achievements is enabling a totally blind young man to have a driving lesson, something neither he nor his family thought he would ever be able to do. 

CAAP are a family of families, supporting one another in good times and not so good times.

"We are thrilled to have been nominated and to have been selected as one of the winners. HFC holds a very special place in our hearts, not just for us, but for all the  families in Cornwall Accessible Activities Program. Many of our children now have a life long love of theatre because of our relationship with HFC and we cannot wait until HFC is once again the beating theatrical heart of Cornwall." Sandy & Angie

For more information please visit: www.caapuk.co.uk

Angie & Sandy



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