Seriously Entertaining_

A Programme of Quality: Seriously Entertaining

From Miracle Plays to the Kernow King, 170 years is a long time in entertainment. Cornwall’s got a lot to say for itself…

Theatre has shaped Cornish cultural identity for generations and together those generations have helped to shape theatre in all its forms. 

In Seriously Entertaining we'll be mapping Cornwall’s long history of performance, from medieval Plan an Gwari stages and Miracle Plays, through the shows and events at City Hall, to the current crop of performers turning heads on our stage and beyond. Whether it’s marvelling at a string solo, hollering out the lyrics to your favourite Queen song or staring in awe at the backflips and spins of the BalletBoyz, tens of thousands of people have shared in and shaped theatre and performance in Cornwall over the centuries. Which has in turn informed our county’s identity. We'll be asking you to share your stories and memories, aswell as working with partners to ensure they can all be captured and brought to life.