Under the Clock_

Unveiling the Hands of Time

Truro City Hall continues to be at the heart of civic life, serving and promoting the civic and governance needs of Truro and Cornwall since its opening in 1847.

Our town clock has ticked its time for more than a century, watching over the criminal courts and council business in the stately rooms below. Who has been ‘taken under the clock to be trialled and sentenced? What has been argued beneath the clock tower bells? When did it tick time for the police and fire stations and just who has been winding the clock for all this time?

Under the watch of the town clock people’s lies have changed for better or worse. Under The Clock explores the council, courts and civic functions of Truro City Hall from it’s opening in 1847 under the legacy of Cornwall’s Stannary parliament, through to its present-day home to the city council and coroners court and through to the future civic uses of the building.