Dance Master Workshop Programme 2021/22

Workshops, gatherings, talks & classes

Supported by Hall for Cornwall
Curated & produced by Associate Artist Emily Alden

The Dance Master Workshop Programme has been running since 2019, supported by Hall for Cornwall and delivered by one of our associate artists, dancer and choreographer, Emily Alden.

With 12 workshops running across 12 months, the programme invites experienced/professionals working within dance to join local, national and internationally working artists to technically and creatively be inspired, upskill and connect to others. 

As a result of current Covid circumstances, this year’s programme will operate differently, being delivered online. Each session will creatively consider what ‘dancing together’ looks like as we all juggle different personal situations, families, work pressures, and the blurring of physical spaces between work and home. The dance programme will reflect the current realities and practicalities we are all experiencing, while celebrating the joy, adaptive nature and skillful way dance has continued throughout the Pandemic. 

There will be an opportunity to join an informal Q&A with artists after most workshops. Age restrictions: Over 18yrs. Please see each individual event for further booking details. Cost to join varies from £3 - £10, including Pay What You Can for most sessions. 

Dance Master Workshop Programme - July #4/12

Thu 29 Jul 2021

Dance Master Workshop Programme - June #3/12

Thu 24 Jun 2021

Dance Master Workshop Programme - September #6/12

Thu 09 Sep 2021


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