‘Without the Hall For Cornwall, the region’s creative spirit, energy and drive would be drastically affected. A region like this without a theatre to serve it would be a travesty.’ Sir Derek Jacobi

Not many people know that we're a charity with every penny made reinvested back into developing our people and supporting local talent, young people and schools. Compared to bigger towns and cities, subsidy for the arts is low here and we need to ensure our longer-term sustainability & growth

When the theatre first opened in 1997, budgetary constraints left a range of unfinished works. We knew it was the start of the journey and that we would need a new building to serve all of the people of Cornwall.

Dialling forward 22 years and with the ongoing daily demands of a heritage building, the venue was showing significant signs of wear and tear and needed urgent attention. Without redevelopment, it is anticipated we would have closed within two years. As one of Cornwall’s most significant theatre providers, the current building was hindering our potential to drive forward our future and letting down the community it serves. 

Reaching Further

Ambition is powerful stuff. We’ve seen what it can do, for our young people, for our economy and for our community already. In a county where fewer young people make the jump to higher education than anywhere else in the country, ambition matters. Looking forward means reaching further and when barriers to attending theatre are real, there’s need to keep reaching.

We’re living in a shifting landscape. The digital revolution has changed all our lives and continues to change our world, attitudes and behaviours at break neck speed. We’re forging new ways of growing stronger and to build insight and understanding of each other, art and culture is a vital tool. With the pressure on cultural providers only set to intensify, now is our time to be bold and offer a social and cultural space Cornwall so desperately needs. Our existing building can’t cope with that pressure. We want to deliver a programme of work that opens up opportunities for all and where live performance belongs to everybody, recreating our existing space to inspire future generations.

The Difference We Can Make

 ‘My daughter’s main love of life is her drama and music and experiencing shows at Hall For Cornwall has brought it out. People don’t judge you in the theatre, it is where she can be herself.’ Abby, parent of a young girl from Cornwall Accessible Programme

‘Treviglas Academy’s partnership with Hall for Cornwall and the Royal Shakespeare Company has seen incredible work created by and for young people. Through the work we have done together, hundreds of school students have engaged with theatre in a way they had never done before, bringing with them audiences who themselves were new to theatre. The aspirational nature of the partnership has opened new doors for our young people, within and beyond Cornwall.’ Sam Colborne, Head of Creative Arts, Treviglas School




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