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Posted by Ellie Wilkins


On the 19th July 1973, the popular and entertaining band Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) took the stage at Truro City Hall (Hall for Cornwall) as part of their European tour. In the evening at the magnificent City Hall ELO conquered the space and the minds with their symphonic rock songs. The performance included classics, such as “Mr. Blue Sky” and the crowd were pounding their feet and rampant heartbeats to “Don’t Bring Me Down.” Although rock legend and co-founder of ELO, Jeff Lynne remains kicking and vibrant, since 2014 and the reformation of ELO the band has not performed. Even during this tour, the band mainly dominated Lynne’s hometown of Birmingham city. Therefore, their reestablishment did not reach the South West and the city of Truro again.

Nevertheless, Hall for Cornwall rose to the occasion and chose last year, the same year Lynne was conducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as their opportunity to reconnect ELO with the hearts of the Cornish community. On Thursday 14th September 2017, in the form of ‘ELO Again’, tribute artist Colin Smith and his group of loyal ELO enthusiasts performed as a homage to the enigmatic band. Hall for Cornwall remembers and respects the authenticity of bands and their music. However, is there a difference between a tribute performance and a live band? Is it the person or people an audience come to see or is it the atmosphere and a community of like-minded rock and roll devotees dedicated to the sound? The atmosphere and the passion of the crowd is intoxicating, they are willing to leave their seats in a standing ovation. Let’s hope more tribute acts and live performances grace the stage of the new Hall for Cornwall to retain this addictive and infectious atmosphere to bring colour to your evenings.



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