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Get Creative

We’re here so you can get creative.

We want everybody in Cornwall to experience the joy of performance and share in our rich, creative heritage.

Get Creative is the banner we fly, for all the work we do with schools, young people and the wider community, inspiring the next generation of creators and theatregoers and opening up dance, music and theatre to as wide an audience as we can.

Over the coming five years, we’ll be enthusing and galvanising 50,000 young people with everything from professional-company led workshops and backstage tours, to work experience opportunities and technical training courses. Alongside that we’ll be bringing 10,000 new people of all ages through our doors, helping them overcome barriers that might otherwise stop them from engaging with the arts.

At Hall for Cornwall, everyone is welcome and we work hard to make sure it feels that way. Get Creative is about creating experiences for all, young and old, artist and audience, exploring and discovering, starting careers and sparking curiosity. Who knows where it could lead?

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