Artist Mission Statement 

Justin Wiggan is an artist working at the frontiers of arts and public intervention. His practice includes a range of media from sound, phonics, film, drawing, installation, interventions and performance, and has also attracted collaboration across the medical research and creative industries sectors. 

His works have been exhibited nationally and internationally: B.O. M Birmingham, Protein Gallery London, Baltic Gallery, Citric Gallery Italy, Gigantic Art Space New York. His aim is to educate, share and engage people with sound as a creative field and reconnect with their lives using sound art. 

He also extends his artistic practice into collaborative research in galleries, youth homes, and public access spaces with community groups and leading workshops within areas of vulnerable elements of society, palliative care, mental health and education. 

He runs Glass Twin LTD , a company who uses sound as a tool to promote mental wellbeing through technology,reflection, nostalgia and memory. Glass Twin LTD is a sound and health focused company which aims to improve community resilience and individual wellbeing though a simple, accessible process that reconnects us with the world of sound. Glass Twin uses a reflective process with customers to develop bespoke soundscapes; and products incorporating the soundscape. Glass Twin has worked in a range of settings including hospices, prisons and schools. The company has also worked with emergency services and charities working to support people with mental ill health or additional needs. 

Justin won the prestigious Sound Of The Year Award 2022 for Echo Point which use sounds to influence breathing, reduce agitation and build sustained resilience in  communities. 

He was was awrded two Royal Television Society awards and elected by Aesthetica Magazine amongst the best 250 artist in the world for the Aesthetica Art Prize: “Future Now”! Showcasing ‘Sensory Beings: Internal Garden’ 

“Justin’s is one of the most important artists working across arts and health right now , his ground- breaking work has huge potential for impact across life sciences, a testament to the power of creativity in health and wellbeing.” Karen Newman , Director of BOM 

Current Projects 

Justin is working on a a numerous amount of exciting projects from series of high profile commissions  in Europe and Mexico utilising bleeding edge technology and sound and haptics exploring the world of biosonification and wellbeing, He’s also continuing his ongoing relationship with Ty Hafan children’s hospice for their 20 year sound art installation which transforms the names of children who have passed away into birdsong , he is currently working on his first graphic novel “ PopCorn Lady” and is the founder member of the book sniffing club, and the inventor of the memory cloud Atlas. 

Website links  


Project Links

Link to podcast to the Listening Passport to Internal Garden 

plastiktonez | A machine dream. A human error. 


Instagram = @gardeninternal & @glassedtwin 

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