Memories of a Royal Visit

Another memory whilst I was Maintenance Officer with Truro City Council, when my office was based in the City Hall from 1966 to 1974. The Council was informed that Prince Charles would be making a visit to Cornwall and that he would be meeting the City Mayor and other dignitaries. Adjacent to the Committee Room was a WC specifically for the use of the members. It was decided that in order of such an occasion a new WC pan be installed, also floor covering and for the room to be redecorated in case the Prince need to use the facilities. The work was duly carried out and the door kept locked until the visit. On the day of the visit, which went well, with lots of handshaking and the usual small talk, someone suggested that the WC be unlocked, however, there was a problem, as no one knew who had the key! Frantic searching failed to locate it. Fortunately, all turned out well, as the Prince didn’t need the facilities. Several days later the key was found in a desk drawer of a person whose identity was never revealed – I hasten to add it was not me!

Memories of Watching Shows at the Hall For Cornwall

I have seen all the pantomimes for several years and many shows. The best one for me was The Sound of Music – it was fantastic.  I would love to go again when it opens next year. I have lived in Truro all my  life and my friend Christine who has lived opposite for many years and we always wave to one another before we go to bed.

Memories of Growing Up in Truro

I didn’t go to school very much as I had a lot of illness. I worked at the old steam laundry in Moresk Road in Truro. After that when it closed I worked at Littlewoods in the café for 28 years. My dad had three  jobs: he was a brick builder and he also worked at the old gas works working nights. Following that he was a blacksmith perhaps in the 1920’s He had a shed at the bottom of the garden and used to make toys for us at Christmas –once he even made us a dolls pram. Mum used to work in a sweet shop in Truro this was before I was born.