Memories of the Ice Skating Rink

Ice was brought from Newlyn Fish Market and formed into an ice rink on stage with a lip to stop skaters flying off the edge. A 24 hour generator was needed to stop ice melting (which would happen at the rear of the rink) which the police weren’t happy about – the generator van was enormous and stood outside making a noise 24 hours a day. After the week had ended, the ice would be broken up, pushed into a wheelbarrow and then wheeled off to a carpark behind Staples and left to melt away!

Memories of Watching Shows at the Hall For Cornwall

I have seen all the pantomimes for several years and many shows. The best one for me was The Sound of Music – it was fantastic.  I would love to go again when it opens next year. I have lived in Truro all my  life and my friend Christine who has lived opposite for many years and we always wave to one another before we go to bed.

Dancing at City Hall

A photo from the annual family christmas party for the families of employees at Truro’s General Post Office. There was clearly dancing as photo donor Annette Egerton remembers ‘My father Own Lidgey’s love of dancing was not shared by my mother and so is dancing with the wife of a postman. The unusual attire of my father with his trousers rolled up was because we was dancing with a penny between his legs. I assume it was an elimination dance and the winner was the last one standing with the penny still in place. It won’t come as a surprise that my mother really did not like the photo!’

Crowds for David Penhaligon

On 9th June 1983 a General Election took place. The count for Truro & St Austell took place at City Hall. The declaration was televised live as a result of David Penhaligon being a well known liberal democrate politician. He had previously appear on Question Time, Any Questions and many radio programs. David Penhaligon was the Liberal MP for Truro from 1974 until his utimely death in December 1986.

The Ascension of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne on the death of her father King George VI. Her official coronation took place on 2nd June 1953. In the photo, councillors, dignitaries, regimental musicians and townspeople of Truro listen to the proclamation. The lady who donated this photograph’s father is the policeman present in the lower left of the photograph. In the background you can see ‘Regent’ signs at the entrance to the Town Hall, illustrating the building’s use as a cinema at the time.