Flyer for ‘An Evening to Remember’ at Hall for Cornwall, 1997

Fundraising events for Hall for Cornwall had been held throughout the 1990s in order to raise enough money to fund the refurbishment project at City Hall. This flyer advertises the Music Theatre Kernow’s ‘An Evening to Remember’ event that was held at Truro School Chapel in February 1997. The event comprised of selections from opera, operetta and musicals and promised a few surprises along the way. Featuring in the performances were Lynette Carveth, Suzanne Manuell, Julian Jensen and Anthony Seddon.

Ticket stub for The Mousehole Cat, 2014

The Duchy Ballet’s production of The Mousehole Cat and Other Ballets at the Hall For Cornwall, Truro ran between the 28th and 29th of March, 2014. The Mousehole Cat is an original ballet based on the children’s story by Antonia Barber. Barber’s story tells the tale of Old Tom, the fisherman, and his cat Mowzer, who face the the Great Storm ‘Cat’ head on to save their village.

City Hall refurbishment

Husa at Hall for Cornwall is a co-working space for Cornish creatives, entrepreneurs, social enterprises, freelancers and small businesses that’s situated in the south wing of the building. This photograph was taken during the refurbishments of City Hall in the mid 1990s and features the space above what would eventually become the Husa space.

Benjamin Luxon CBE

Benjamin Luxon was the honorary president of the Music Theatre Kernow during the 1990s. Before this, he had enjoyed a successful career as a baritone and had toured the world as an equally renowned recitalist, concert, opera and folk singer. In the late 1980s, Ben bought City Hall’s 125 year lease for £1.00 from Carrick District Council at a point when its physical decline was reaching the point of no return. The plan was to then return the complex to a performance venue by launching a series of high profile, community led campaigns to secure funding for the renovations. Ben subsequently played an instrumental part in the community campaign to fundraise and eventually bring about the reopening of Hall For Cornwall in 1997.

Programme cover for Kind Hearts and Coronets at Hall for Cornwall, 1998.

Kind Hearts and Coronets is a 1949 British black comedy film featuring Dennis Price, Joan Greenwood, Valerie Hobson and Alec Guinness. The plot, which concerns the revenge sought by the son of a woman whose aristocratic family disowned her for marrying outside of her class, draws on Roy Horniman’s 1907 novel called ‘Israel Rank: The Autobiography of a Criminal.’ The film has since been adapted for both radio and stage and in 1998 it was produced at Hall for Cornwall by Charles Vance.