Memories of City Hall Annex – TAODS

Keith 1 : the annexe was used a lot for different things, including rehearsals for the main shows.  One Saturday evening we had a singing rehearsal in the annexe. There had been a caged bird show in building next door and the birds tried to join n the singing.

Chris : it used to be used for teas for the cast between the matinees and the main evening show. On the last night everyone on the stage would be presented with a gift and during that day families would be coming in with presents which were stored in the annexe until after the final performance had ended.

Keith 1 : we also entertained it to entertain other societies from across Cornwall. We also went to other places.

Keith 2  : when you had a show which was very popular you would open up the annexe as well – there was restricted views but it let more people in.

Joyce : there was a proper bar in the annexe

Memories of Cecil Gill -TAODS

Joyce : My father Cecil Gill , known as “Cec’, did the sound for all TAODS productions for more than 50 years.  He owned an electrical shop in Pydar Street and as well as doing the sound for TAODS, also provided the sound for key events in Truro, such as the Mayor Making and the Fatstock shows via his van with speakers on the top.

Keith 1 : Back then health and safety was not thought off and I remember having to climb up a ladder to the beam at the top of the stage and then having to shuffle on my bottom along the beam dragging electrical cables behind me while Cec was shouting instructions from below. Cec also used to go to the City Hall the night before ticket went on sale to supervise the people who were camping out.

Memories of Watching Shows at the Hall For Cornwall

I have seen all the pantomimes for several years and many shows. The best one for me was The Sound of Music – it was fantastic.  I would love to go again when it opens next year. I have lived in Truro all my  life and my friend Christine who has lived opposite for many years and we always wave to one another before we go to bed.