If Music Be the Food of Love… ‘Shakespeare Nation’ Plays On!Blank Mobile If Music Be the Food of Love… ‘Shakespeare Nation’ Plays On!Blank
If Music Be the Food of Love… ‘Shakespeare Nation’ Plays On!

If Music Be the Food of Love… ‘Shakespeare Nation’ Plays On!

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By Sam Rankin

Shakespeare Nation Producer at Hall for Cornwall

All good things must come to an end…

Now that the dust has settled on what was a busy production weekend, I find myself reflecting on the rehearsal process from the last couple of months.

Twelfth Night was perhaps the most ambitious Shakespeare Nation project to date. Under the masterful direction of Alister & Miranda from Prodigal UPG, we all knew we were in safe hands from the off. The focus very much on the text itself this time round, and a group of community actors have spent the last three months working on what was ultimately a fresh and unique take on a Shakespeare classic!

With familiar faces from the last two productions – Comedy of Errors (2022) and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2023) – the company was at its core one brimming with extremely talented performers from the local community. Just when you think things can’t get any better, many new members joined the ranks, seamlessly becoming an integral part of this supportive and inclusive group of people.

Through the tireless efforts of the creative team, the technical staff at Hall for Cornwall, and dedicated body of actors, the play was such a success – the laughter, applause, and cheering from a receptive audience affirming this was indeed a job well done.

What always becomes clear towards the end of a Shakespeare Nation project is just how much the process means to everyone involved. These are special experiences for a company of like-minded people, who genuinely relish the opportunity to work and create together. And although Twelfth Night may have come to an end, the comfort is in knowing that the next project will be upon us before we know it.

Until next time!

Photos by Hugh Hastings.


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