Join the Art Revolution with Open Online Theatre

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Join the Art Revolution with Open Online Theatre

The latest project from IJAD Dance Company, Open Online Theatre (OOT) is a new way of creating performance art. It’s an online space where audiences can interact with artists to create performances together, no matter where they all are in the world.

In the past, performance can be and has been exclusive – existing in one place at one time with ideas developed by a small amount of people. But IJAD want performance to be inclusive – social media is everywhere, always on, created and enjoyed by everybody. OOT utilises this, allowing artists to interact with audiences and share performances with thousands of people around the world who will engage with it in real time.

The project is also interested in how social media can influence and feed a performance, so invites audiences to interact from the comfort of their own home or even on the go. In this vein, the website will also live stream rehearsal procceses and will encourage interaction both during and and after each session, either by using #OOTMakers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, or by commenting on the Open Online Theatre website itself.

Hall For Cornwall is delighted to be collaborating with IJAD Dance Company in their exciting development of this new online platform and it’s dedication to open dialogue and co-creation between artists and audiences. HFC Associate Artist, Rob Mennear, is one of the makers who is currently using the platform to rehearse for new piece, BLINK, which will be live streamed on Tuesday 21 Nov as part of a wider performance showcasing work from across the globe.

Take a look at what Rob and the other makers have been up to so far and interact with him and the other makers here.


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