Local Heroes – Seat Nomination Winners The Radford SistersBlank Mobile Local Heroes – Seat Nomination Winners The Radford SistersBlank
Local Heroes – Seat Nomination Winners The Radford Sisters

Local Heroes – Seat Nomination Winners The Radford Sisters

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It's time to introduce you to the next well deserved winners following our Name a Seat Local Heroes nominations. Two ladies with a lasting legacy here in Cornwall, a seat will be named in honour of.... ? drumroll please ? .... THE RADFORD SISTERS - MAISIE & EVELYN RADFORD.

Maisie and Evelyn Radford were well known for their work in music in the county since they came to live in Cornwall in 1911.  Over the 50 years that they lived on the Roseland, they communicated their own delight in music all over the county and encouraged others to share it.  They brought music personally to villages throughout Cornwall and worked for many years for the Cornwall Music Festival.  They started the Falmouth Opera Singers in 1923.  Their productions of classical opera included the first performance of Mozart’s Idomeneo in England, and performances of Gluck’s operas: these were acclaimed by musicians throughout the country.  Maisie and Evelyn Radford were each awarded the MBE in 1947 in recognition of their tireless community work.

The Radford Charitable Trust was set up in 1970 with money given by the Radford Sisters to advance musical education and to help young musicians in Cornwall.  Their concern was always that individuals should be able to realise their musical potential and that they should not be held back by lack of opportunity to study.  The Trust celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2020 and continues to flourish, having supported hundreds of young musicians through grants or instrument loan over the past 50 years.

“The family and Trustees are delighted and honoured that the rich musical legacy of Maisie and Evelyn Radford is being commemorated in the new Hall for Cornwall.”

Further information www.radfordtrust.org


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