Looking back to 1958…

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We're heading to 1958 long before City Hall became known as Hall for Cornwall...

Thank you to Truro Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society archive for sharing this delightful photo of a poster of Babes in the Wood, which ran for one week from 06 Jan 1958.

A selection of posters from past performances at City Hall were discovered during the first Hall for Cornwall build between 1995-1997. However, due to being firmly glued onto the wall, many were lost, and only the photos remain.

This poster was created by G & M Organ Theatrical Printers who regularly created theatre posters for City Hall in the 1950s &1960s.

Alan Kitching, the typographer and graphic artist who has created our Performance Timeline, bought the entirety of the Wrington Press when G & M Organ closed their business in the mid-1990s. He used this to create our interactive Performance Timeline which is located in our Green Room Café.


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