Past, Present, Future

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Past, Present, Future

Heritage isn’t only the past, it’s about the now and the future too. The things we do today will become part of history too.

Revealing City Hall is our project to collect and share memories and histories about our building and why it is important to Truro and Cornwall. We’ve uncovered some great stuff already. Some big stories and small memories, some great photographs and a few weird and funny ones too.

[caption id="attachment_4321" align="alignnone" width="580"] TRURO, ENGLAND - MARCH 05 2022: Activities during the Hall For Cornwall Heritage Day photographed for the HfC by Hugh Hastings)[/caption]

We can look back and laugh at some of the things from the past, but what people will think about us in 100 years time?

We’re collecting lots more Truro things to share. If you love Truro let us know, and help us build a collection about our city!


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