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Shining the Spotlight on our 200 Volunteers

Shining the Spotlight on our 200 Volunteers

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"Volunteers are the backbone of our organisation... They're part of our big Cornish welcome to our building."

- Julien Boast, Chief Executive and Creative Director of Hall for Cornwall

It's National Volunteer's Week, and we're taking a moment to thank every single one of our 200 volunteers who give their time to Hall for Cornwall.

As a charity, we simply wouldn't be here without our volunteers. As Cornwall's only largescale theatre, we're proud to provide a warm Cornish welcome to everyone who walks through our doors - and that starts with the people who greet you the moment you arrive.

Whether it's scanning tickets, showing you to your seats, or supplying you with your very important interval ice cream, our volunteers are always here to help, with a kind word and a familiar smile.

Photo by Hugh Hastings

   | At the heart of the community

We're passionate about providing an inclusive and diverse environment, and that extends from our stage programme, to our auditorium, and right through to our volunteers. We're proud to welcome members of the community from all backgrounds, ages and walks of life - our youngest volunteer is 16, and our eldest is in their late 80s!

Front of House Manager Alex Laidlaw with Volunteer Usher Penelope, photo by Hugh Hastings

One of our longest standing volunteers, Penelope, takes care of any patrons with access needs. We asked her what it means to be a part of Hall for Cornwall.

"Money cannot buy what we give and what we get in return. It's about those connections you have, maybe they're really short connections, but it makes the difference. Kindness to strangers is a very powerful thing."

'Six' opening night, photo by Hugh Hastings

"Every night is different, it can add so much to your life, it can enrich it. Hall for Cornwall is such an asset to Cornwall and we're really proud to be a part of it."

'Rocky Horror Show' opening night, photo by Hugh Hastings

   | Thank you to volunteers everywhere

We're so proud of our volunteers, and we couldn't do what we do without them - and the feeling goes both ways! Many of the wonderful people who've joined us as volunteers are proud of their role and the value that it adds to their life. Meeting new people, making new friends, and having the chance to socialise with theatre-lovers like them are just some of the reasons why our volunteers give their time. For others, it's a moment of respite from caring duties and challenging home lives in an environment full of joy and the buzz of live entertainment.

So whether it's a chance to give back to the community, or experience live theatre with likeminded people, we're proud to provide a place where they can be themselves.

As part of this week's celebrations, we invited our volunteers to a special evening in the Cornwall Playhouse.

The attendees were offered an insight into the projects that we're working on and plans for the future, before heading off for a social in our Playhouse Bar. There were plenty of great questions, and it gave us the opportunity to say a big THANK YOU in person to the people who make us who we are.

"They're an asset to the team - we couldn't run without them... I can't thank them enough."

- Alex Laidlaw, Front of House Manager

   | Discover more on BBC Sounds

Our Front of House Manager Alex Laidlaw is joined by volunteers Penny and Gavin to chat about the 200 people who give their time to Hall for Cornwall. Listen here (skip to 2.40pm)

Chief Executive and Creative Director Julien Boast joins volunteers Jenny and Suzi to talk about why they chose Hall for Cornwall. Listen here.


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