Wealth of dance skills developed across the South West

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Wealth of dance skills developed across the South West

Hall For Cornwall, Plymouth Dance and Dance in Devon CPD Dance Card Bursary

The CPD Dance Card Bursary is a partnership support programme set up by Hall For Cornwall, Plymouth Dance and Dance in Devon which has impacted on the development of a wealth of skills in dance practitioners and artists across Cornwall, Plymouth and Devon from 2010 onwards.

The CPD Dance Card Bursary has been available from 2010 to February 2018 aiming to open up opportunities for individuals working in the dance sector to attend training and continuing professional development events that are self-determined, specific and high quality giving ownership over career development and ensuring that a diverse experience and range of skills are brought back into the South West.

The organisations within the partnership value the wealth of skills and knowledge of dance practitioners in the South West and the CPD Dance Card Bursary has enabled many practitioners to access high quality, career enhancing training in a national and international context whilst still working from a base in Cornwall, Plymouth or Devon.

Over the course of 8 years of Dance Card activity 134 people across Cornwall, Plymouth and Devon have received the CPD Dance Card Bursary which across this time has had a total spend of approximately £30,000. It allowed individuals to apply for a bursary of up to £250, making up to 75% of the overall costs of each practitioner’s professional development project which could take place anywhere in the world. A broad range of activity has been explored by dance practitioners from wired aerial training to Dance for Parkinson’s CPD to the Gaga Intensive in Tel Aviv.

The partnership organisations are working together to review the Dance Card programme moving forward so that we can best support artists from Cornwall, Plymouth & Devon so we are not taking further applications at this time. However there are many opportunities for dance practitioners across the South West, so subscribe to our newsletters and social media channels in order to keep informed about developments for the future of dance!



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