A new book by Sarah Smith and Chris Warner

On the campaign trail. The drive to see City Hall become a cultural hub in the heart of Truro takes hold in the early 1990s.

A revealing behind-the-scenes honest account of the ups and downs of the original Hall
for Cornwall Campaign, a new book reveals how a small group of people who attempted
to persuade the authorities to provide Cornwall with a decent theatre and concert hall were
brave enough to take on the job themselves.

City Hall in the 1990s shortly before work began to transform the space into Hall for Cornwall ready for its eventual opening in 1997.

‘It’s a tale of how they survived political intrigue, near bankruptcy, a High Court Writ, the planners and
fierce opposition and eventually managed to replace a near-derelict Grade 2* listed building with a
spectacular 1,000 seat fit-for-purpose hall’ 
says author Sarah Smith.

The Hall for Cornwall campaign brochure was used in the later rounds of fundraising and development.

Told through contributions from many of the people who were directly involved – Ben Luxon, City Hall
staff, trustees, volunteers, bystanders, the design team and the contractors – the book provides a unique
insight into what it was like to transform a dream into reality.

Hall for Cornwall, A Montage of Memories is available to buy in the Hall for Cornwall Box Office or online via our ticketing site. Sarah Smith and Chris Warner will be holding an exclusive book reading at Hall for Cornwall as part of the launch of the theatre’s heritage programme on Saturday 5th March, 11:00 – 11:30 am.

City Hall during its conversion into Hall for Cornwall, August 1996.