Our heritage microsite invites you to explore the history of Hall For Cornwall theatre and City Hall.

Over the last three years, a team of staff and volunteers have researched our history, uncovered myriad stories and built up a digital collection which showcases its breadth across the years.

Through our memories, digital collection and carefully curated exhibitions & stories, we tell your stories of the building, its important civic history in Truro and its role at the heart of our theatre.

Our microsite will be regularly updated throughout 2021 and in the lead up to the re-opening of Hall For Cornwall. Our heritage is expanding, changing and developing as we speak and we will be excited to record this here. Our microsite is designed to be accessible and is optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop use.

We are immensely grateful to the National Lottery Heritage Fund for making our Revealing City Hall project possible and supporting our ambitious project alongside the transformation of Hall For Cornwall.




Thank You to our Supporters

We would like to thank the organisations and individuals who have taken part in this heritage project, Revealing City Hall. This gratitude extends to communities right across Cornwall and far beyond and will continue as our heritage activities expand and develop.

Gratitude and thanks go out to the following people who have shared their time, expertise, memories and collections in contributing to our collection and microsite.


Bert Biscoe  ♦ John Bradshaw ♦ Graham Christopher ♦ Eilish Calnan ♦ Bryan Churcher ♦ Chloe Endean ♦ Andrew Fentham ♦ Sue Ferguson ♦ Bob Hall Collection ♦  Roger Gazzard ♦ Trevor Gardiner ♦ Simon Harvey ♦ Richard Healey ♦ Roger Heayn ♦ Jamie Hedge ♦ Christine Holmes ♦ Bob Hope ♦ Sean Hurlock ♦ Suzanne Inman ♦ Jill Hall ♦ Stephen Johnson ♦  Kerry Lemon ♦ John MacCoughlan ♦ Jane MacCoughlan ♦ Callum Mitchell ♦ Alan Kitching ♦ Maya King ♦ Debbie McCrory ♦ Sally Noall ♦ Sarah Ollearnshaw ♦ Orla Padwick ♦ Annette Egerton ♦ Jo Paranhos ♦ Karen Pirie ♦ Ed Rowe ♦ Joyce Rowe ♦ Scribblestone ♦ Maddie Sheldon ♦ Pat Ward ♦ Suzie West ♦ Justin Wiggan ♦ Kingsley Wright ♦ Wyl Menmuir


Azook Cornish Memory and Derek Williams working with The Digitiser ♦ Bristol Old Vic ♦ Bridgeman Images ♦ Cornwall Council ♦ Cornwall Gazette ♦ Cornwall Live ♦ Cornwall Federation of Women’s Institutes ♦ Cornwall Garden Society ♦  Courtney Library at the Royal Institution of Cornwall ♦ Falmouth University Archive ♦ KEAP ♦ Kresen Kernow ♦ Kernow Beat ♦ Malabar Over 50s Social Group ♦ Mary Evans Picture Library ♦ Mawnan Smith WI ♦ Rosedale Talking Café ♦ Story Republic ♦ Truro Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society ♦ Truro Community News ♦ West Briton

We would also like to extend a special thank you to our group of steward volunteers from Hall For Cornwall for continually trying new things, sharing their memories and acquiring new skills to help build our collection.

Every effort has been made to accurately credit the sources, donors and copyright holders for items within our collection, particularly with regards to orphan works. Our collection exists for non-commercial research purposes and we cannot allow any copying or sharing of content without prior permission from Hall for Cornwall. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have noticed credits which you believe to be incorrect.