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PROMS 2023 ‘Adventures in Sound’

PROMS 2023 ‘Adventures in Sound’

PROMS 2023 ‘Adventures in Sound’


Join us in the Cornwall Playhouse for an enchanting musical journey, “Proms 2023: Adventures in Sound,” presented by conductor, composer, and educator, Patrick Bailey.

This event promises to be an unforgettable experience, offering students a unique opportunity to experience classical music in a way that is engaging, informative, and tailored to their age group.

About Patrick Bailey:
Patrick Bailey’s illustrious career as a conductor includes concerts with renowned orchestras such as the Philharmonia, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London Sinfonietta, and many others.

As a composer, workshop leader, and presenter, Patrick has been at the forefront of numerous projects and concerts for prestigious institutions, including the BBC orchestras, BBC Proms, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra, and more. He is also an Associate of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, leading their participation work in Cornwall.

In addition to his musical achievements, Patrick is the ASONE Hub Secondary Schools and Progression Lead for County Ensembles and Choirs in Central/West Cornwall and the Musical Director of Songfest.

What to Expect:

Engaging Presentation: Patrick Bailey will guide students through the performance, providing valuable insights into the world of classical music. His engaging presentation style ensures that students remain captivated and informed throughout the event.

Age-Appropriate Repertoire: The performance will feature a repertoire that is carefully selected to suit the age group of the audience, ranging from classical pieces to more familiar tunes.

Live Performance: Witness a live performance by professional musicians who excel in their craft. Experience the transformative power of classical music as it unfolds on stage.

Inspiration: Patrick Bailey’s passion for music is contagious. By the end of the performance, students will leave with a newfound appreciation for classical music and a sense of inspiration that can enrich their own musical journey.

Ticket Information:
One type of ticket is still available –  Secondary Schools at 1pm start. Please arrive in good time to be seated by the start time.

There is a booking fee of £25 per class, with a maximum class size of 35 students and 4 teachers.

Please specify your class size and the number of staff attending to ensure the correct seating arrangements. Additionally, inform us of any accessibility requirements regarding seating.

We can accommodate a maximum of 30 classes per performance.

Running Time: approximately 1 hour,



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