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Voice and Accent Hub


Every third Tuesday of the Month

First session: Tuesday 18th June

Venue: Hall for Cornwall

A once a month opportunity to get together and work on all things voice.

Whether you want to develop your voice for the stage, voiceovers, podcasts, character work or whether you’ve just always fancied giving your vocal chops a bit of a brush up, these friendly sessions will introduce, improve and refine your vocal and accent technique. Taking you through guided and established vocal practice, this training will offer you the opportunity to improve your voice or re-visit these vital skills which you then can practice at home. The accent work will offer key technical in-roads to improve and establish authentic sounds for truthful and sensitive portrayals. We won’t be learning a new accent every session, instead we will be taking time to really hone and craft an accent for an authentic sound. It will be playful, challenging and lots of fun!

The first hour will focus on practical voice technique and the second on accent acquisition. You are welcome to bring in audition material, any plays you are working on or would like to work on – or any text that you would like to speak!

Hosted by Gemma Wright, a voice and accent coach currently teaching at Falmouth University, and has taught across all the nationally recognised top drama schools as well as coaching professional theatre companies and auditioning actors for Netflix, BBC and Amazon Prime productions.

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Voice and Accent Hub

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