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Women’s Business Club

Women’s Business Club

TUE 20 FEB 2024
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Women’s Business Club

Truro Coffee & Coworking

A new coworking space for businesswomen to gain support and empowerment – because no woman has to build a business alone.

Coffee & Coworking is perfect for women from any background, business or age who want to chat and settle in for a morning of co-working. If you work from home or are a successful career woman who just needs to escape the office, then our Women’s Business Club, monthly Coffee & Coworking is perfect for you.

You will be welcomed with a coffee and smile by the Cornwall leader, Catherine McGuire. If you would like to be introduced to anyone in particular or are feeling a little shy, let Catherine know. She is there to support you in any way possible. We look forward to meeting you for Truro Coffee & Coworking in the wonderful Green Room Café.

Catherine is an entrepreneur, investor and highly skilled International business mentor specialising in property investment and start-ups. She is a multi-award nominated business coach & mentor and has spoken on stages all over the world on a number of wide-ranging topics, but mainly UK property investment, starting a UK Limited Company business, the importance of goal setting and the power of NLP. Catherine has designed & written multiple business courses, run training sessions on those topics and is currently writing her first business book, a teaching memoir ‘Let Big Thoughts Win’ (TM pending). Her main goal is to inspire women at all stages of business, large or small, to develop multiple income streams to create the freedoms they desire in their business and life.

Come and join us, you will be well supported and we can’t wait to welcome you!

Upcoming dates:

TUE 20 FEB 10am-1pm
TUE 19 MAR 10am-1pm
TUE 16 APR 10am-1pm
TUE 21 MAY 10am-1pm
TUE 18 JUN 10am-1pm

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