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Company Mission Statement 

Telling stories without boundaries. 


Since 2010 Josh and Felix have produced 25 productions including collaborating with Alexandra Palace on sell-out ‘MSND’ in 2019, Pyramus and Thisbe in 2018, The Nineties Season of four plays in 2017, ‘Styx’ an audio adventure through London in 2015, ‘Macbeth’ in 2014, an overnight experience at Balfron Tower, ‘The Trial’ in 2013 which spilled the events of Kafka’s paranoid novel throughout Shoreditch and ‘O Brave New World’ 2012, a six-part retelling of The Tempest from an east London shop front. We commissioned and published 14 plays for Shakespeare in Shoreditch Festival for the two years straddling the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s Death and the 450th of his Birth. We also produced the nineties season for Styx (**** in the Guardian), and collaborated on Danny Boyle’s Shuffle Festival.  

We ran North London theatre and music venue Styx for five years.  

Our work has been variously described as “astounding, a triumph, subtle and slick” The Stage; “An extraordinary evening of disorientation, intimidation and fascination.” Broadway World; “Exhilarating, hugely ambitious” The Gua

rdian and “Horribly and impressively intense” in Time Out.  

Current Projects 

One paragraph on your current work & professional interests 

We are currently building The Ladder in Redruth. A site for play and experimentation and a home for biennial theatre festival in September 2024 centred around welcoming international artists to Cornwall.  

Website links  

Company: www.riftexcursions.com / www.theladderredruth.com 


Facebook =  /riftstorieswithoutboundaries /theladder_rr 

Twitter = @riftexcursions / @theladder_rr 

Instagram = @riftexcursions / @theladder_rr 

TikTok = @theladder_rr 

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